Welcome to Ravens Galdr!

A little about Ravens Galdr Studio.  

First off, someting about the shop. Ravens Galdr is owned and opperated by me, Mark Hansen. I've been inspired since childhood by the Bronze and Iron Age arts and crafts of Northern Europe, as well as paganism in general, and have a strong desire to create artwork influenced by that past, but born of a life lived in an industrialized and chaotic modern world. In the process, I want to use traditional hand tools as much as is possible, as I acquire them, and in the process learn how to use them. 

  An early interest in archaeology, history, and art has inevitably led to incorporating elements of each in something real, and made by hand that can be held or worn as personal adornment.  

I’ll be sharing my methods, madness, and creations here every so often, along with nerdy things like recently found antique tools, or information about recent archaeological finds that enliven my work in Ravens Galdr Studio, as I learn more ways of creating handcrafted jewelry, Rune sets, home and alter decor. And just to clarify the meaning of the word Galdr, here you are, as described on Wikipedia:  

Galdr (plural galdrar) is one Old Norse word for "spell, incantation"; these were usually performed in combination with certain rites.[1] It was mastered by both women and men.[2] Some scholars have assumed they chanted it in falsetto (gala).